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Instructions: If you want to setup your own layouts use the following specifications (or give us call). Be sure to make sure that the layout does not already exist.
r = new row
c = new column
column width = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,a,b (where 0=10,a=11,b=12)
number of blocks in the column d=1, e=2, f=3

rcbd = one row, one column 12 wide, 1 block
rc3dc9d = one row, one column 3 wide, one column 9 wide
rcbdrc9dc3d = first row, one column 12 wide, 1 block, second row, 2 columns

notes: the grid has 12 columns, you have a max of 7 blocks, you have a max of 3 blocks per column
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subject: multiple domain hosting
hosting plan: premium

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NamesPro hosting 124.56 - apr 22
NamesPro hosting 50 apr - may 04

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